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Shopping With Ding-a-ling

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This book contains a collection of incidents involving shopping with Ding-A-Ling, my mother-in-law. It is not meant to ridicule her, but simply is a recounting of her ways of twisting words and thoughts. She was born with an obvious learning disability. It is difficult for her to find appropriate words and to pronounce them correctly. As a person who was blessed at birth with the ability to manipulate words, I think the good Lord put me with Ding-A-Ling on purpose. My job has been to straighten out the grammatical mistakes she has made; she, however, has viewed this in a different light. I am sure she has always felt that I have been making fun of her. Nothing could be further from the truth; I have only wanted to keep others from ridiculing her. Many people think Ding-A-Ling's mistakes are due to senility. At her age, this could be partially true. I have concluded, however, that deep inside her brain is more intelligence than people give her credit for. Her ability to analyze numbers is phenomenal. It is simply a case of an area of her brain not operating correctly when the manipulation of words is required.

The Ultimate Paleo Shopping Guide

RRP $16.99

Why Is This Book The Ultimate Paleo Book? Paleo, or the lifestyle of the caveman, as it is better known, is a simpler and healthier way of eating. In this particular lifestyle, you should only consume the foods that were available at the time of our ancestors, the caveman. Hence, you cannot eat any item of food that was not available to them. Further on in the book, we will not only discuss what Paleo is, but also the benefits you can gain by following this lifestyle. The sole purpose of this book is to share with you, the wide variety of foods you can eat on Paleo and of course the grey areas of Paleo as well. Thus in this book you will find: Discussion on Paleo Benefits of Paleo Foods allowed on Paleo Shopping list of Paleo foods Read on to find out more."

Arif Goes Shopping Pink A Band

RRP $11.99

Cambridge Reading Adventures is a book-banded international Primary reading scheme which couples an exciting range of text with precise bookbanding from the Institute of Education. What goes into the trolley?


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