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White Shoes, White Lines And Blackie

RRP $19.95

All Norton wanted was a quiet coffee and Sacher cake at the Hakoah Club in Bondi, and to be left alone to sort out his troubled love life. How he let notorious conman Kelvin Kramer talk him up to Surfers Paradise for five days, Les will never know. Supposedly to mind KK and his massively boobed girlfriend, American model Crystal Linx, in Australia to promote her latest record. Though it did seem like a good idea at the time - apart from the President of the United States arriving and Norton's domestic problems, there wasn't much keeping him in Sydney.

Norton went to the Gold Coast expecting some easy graft in the sun, an earn and possibly a little fresh romance. Les definitely got the earn. He certainly got the girl. But what Norton mainly got in Surfers Paradise was trouble - in a size 40 Double-D cup.

About the Author

Robert G. Barrett was raised in Bondi where he has worked mainly as a butcher. He has appeared in a number of films and TV commercials but prefers to concentrate on a career as a writer. He is author of 11 other books including You Wouldn't be Dead for Quids and Day of the Gecko.

Cool Shoes

RRP $24.99

Twelve-year old Martin has only just moved to a new town when he encounters some mean kids tormenting a small Jack Russell terrier puppy, lost and alone. Martin saves him, brings him home, and eventually gives him a name-Cool Shoes. Now the puppy has a home and a friend, and Martin knows he'll never be lonely again. Martin's mom and the squirrels take a liking to Cool Shoes, but the puppy needs to play with other dogs, too. One day at the dog park, Martin makes the acquaintance of Zaria, who also owns a Jack Russell. Now both Martin and Cool Shoes have new friends, and together, they can stand up to any foe! The friends need to be strong together, because there are bullies everywhere. Martin and Cool Shoes learn that some people just don't want to get along, but they also learn that all people can get along, if only they try. This is the story of a boy and his rescue dog, but it's also about friendship, family, and the bravery it takes to do the right thing.

Salt In His Shoes

RRP $15.99

Michael Jordan.

The mere mention of the name conjures up visions of basketball played at its absolute best. But as a child, Michael almost gave up on his hoop dreams, all because he feared he'd never grow tall enough to play the game that would one day make him famous. That's when his mother and father stepped in and shared the invaluable lesson of what really goes into the making of a champion -- patience, determination, and hard work.

Deloris Jordan, mother of the basketball phenomenon, teams up with his sister Roslyn to tell this heartwarming and inspirational story that only the members of the Jordan family could tell. It's a tale about faith and hope and how any family working together can help a child make his or her dreams come true.


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