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Nonlinear Modeling And Applications: V. 2

RRP $793.99

This the second volume of five from the 28th IMAC on Structural Dynamics and Renewable Energy, 2010, bringing together 17 chapters on Applications of Non-Linear Dynamics. It presents early findings from experimental and computational investigations on Non-Linear Dynamics including studies on Dynamics of a System of Coupled Oscillators with Geometrically Nonlinear Damping, Assigning the Nonlinear Distortions of a Two-input Single-output System, A Multi-harmonic Approach to Updating Locally Nonlinear Structures, A Block Rocking on a Seesawing Foundation, and Enhanced Order Reduction of Forced Nonlinear Systems Using New Ritz Vectors.

Quantum Nonlinear Optics

RRP $247.99

This graduate-level textbook gives an introductory overview of the fundamentals of quantum nonlinear optics. It deals with the organization of radiation field, interaction between electronic system and radiation field, statistics of light, and mutual manipulation of light and matter. It also covers laser oscillation, dynamics of light, nonlinear optical response, and nonlinear spectroscopy, as well as ultrashort and ultrastrong laser pulse. In addition, latest results of the frontier of this science are presented. Problems and solutions help the reader to master and review the material.

Gcse Additional Science Ocr 21st Century Revision Guide - Foundation (with Online Edition) (a*-g)

RRP $14.99

This book is full of clear revision notes and detailed diagrams for Foundation Level GCSE Additional Science students. It covers every Biology, Chemistry and Physics topic for the OCR 21st Century exams. At the end of each section there are questions to check what you've learnt plus there's a whole section on exam skills. It's easy to read and revise from - everything's explained simply, in CGP's chatty, straightforward style.


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