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Exploration Of A Nonlinear World

RRP $423.99

This festschrift is dedicated to Professor Howell Tong on the occasion of his 65th birthday. With a Foreword written by Professor Peter Whittle, FRS, it celebrates Tong's path-breaking and tireless contributions to nonlinear time series analysis, chaos and statistics, by reprinting 10 selected papers by him and his collaborators, which are interleaved with 17 original reviews, written by 19 international experts.Through these papers and reviews, readers will have an opportunity to share many of the excitements, retrospectively and prospectively, of the relatively new subject of nonlinear time series. Tong has played a leading role in laying the foundation of the subject; his innovative and authoritative contributions are reflected in the review articles in the volume, which describe modern and related developments in the subject, including applications in many major fields such as ecology, economics, finance and others. This volume will be useful to researchers and students interested in the theory and practice of nonlinear time series analysis.

Gcse Physics Revision Guide (with Online Edition) (a*-g Course)

RRP $13.99

This book (with free Online Edition) is full of clear revision notes, diagrams and all the formulas needed for every major GCSE Physics course. It's designed to make revision straightforward - each section is split into a topic per page, with test questions to check what you've learned and practice calculations (with answers). Everything's explained simply and thoroughly with lots of handy exam tips and guidance on 'How Science Works' and the Controlled Assessment. What's more, a free Online Edition of the whole book is included - perfect for revising on a PC, Mac or tablet device.

A Course On Nonlinear Waves

RRP $601.99

This volume presents a carefully written introduction to nonlinear waves in the natural sciences and engineering. It contains many classical results as well as more recent results, dealing with topics such as the forced Korteweg--de Vries equation and material relating to X-ray crystallography.
The volume contains nine chapters. Chapter 1 concerns asymptotics and nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Conservation laws are discussed in Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 considers water waves. The scattering and inverse scattering method is described in Chapter 4, which also contains a full explanation of using the inverse scattering method for finding 1-, 2- and 3-soliton solutions of the Korteweg--de Vries equation. After dealing with the Burgers equation in Chapter 5, Chapter 6 discusses the forced Korteweg--de Vries equations. Here the emphasis is on steady-state bifurcations and unsteady-state periodic soliton generation. The Sine--Gordon and nonlinear Schr‚ÄĚdinger equations are the subject of Chapter 7. The final two chapters consider wave instability and resonance. Every chapter contains problems and exercises, together with guidance for their solution. The volume concludes with some appendices which describe symbolic derivations of certain results on solitons. Several user-friendly MATHEMATICA packages are included. The prerequisite for using this book is a background knowledge of basic physics, linear algebra and differential equations.
For graduates and researchers in mathematics, physics and engineering wishing to have a good introduction to nonlinear wave theory and its applications. This volume is also highly recommended as a course book.


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