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A Field Guide To Buying Organic

RRP $13.99

The definitive guide to healthful, affordable food shopping in the Organic Age--from a pioneer in the organic movement
What does it really mean when a food is labeled organic? While many of us believe there are good reasons to buy organic, what exactly are they? The authors of this indispensable handbook sift fact from fiction to help you make informed decisions that are right for you. Here is everything you need to know, including when paying more for organic is worth it--and when it's not. "A Field Guide to Buying Organic" provides you with:
-Self-tests to determine your current organic-shopping habits--and the type of organic shopper you want to become
-A primer on organic food standards, labels, and seals
-Health and quality comparisons of organically grown versus conventionally grown produce
-An aisle-by-aisle supermarket guide to information about the most popular organic produce, dairy, meat and poultry, baked goods, nuts, seeds, grains, convenience foods, and drinks
-The truth about pesticides, hormones, genetically modified foods (GMOs), toxins, and bacteria
...Plus illustrations featuring product logos and contact information, and a fascinating overview of the evolution of organics

"From the Trade Paperback edition."

Simple Steps To...buying A Home

RRP $18.99

You don't know what you don't know. How many times have you heard that one? It never rings more true than when someone is trying to buy or sell Real Estate. There are so many hidden surprises lurking around every corner of a Real Estate transaction. In this book, those surprises have been uncovered and exposed for you. A simple step by step approach has been outlined to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Gone are the days of jumping into the labyrinth of home-buying blind. You will walk away from this book with new found confidence and a simplified understanding of what it takes to get to the other side...home ownership!

Buying And Selling Your Way To A Fabulous Wedding With Ebay

RRP $62.99

Your wedding day. A day you?ve dreamed about your whole life. You?ve imagined the romantic setting, your fairytale dress, the piece of art that is your cake. But have you imagined the cost? On average, Americans spend approximately $22,000 on a wedding. Invitations, cake toppers, rings, dresses, and decorations quickly add up to a heart-stopping budget. Enter eBay. "Buying & Selling Your Way to a Fabulous Wedding with eBay" takes you step-by-step through each element of your wedding and shows you how using eBay can help you save an enormous amount of money and time?and how it can help you end up with that wedding you?ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank. You?ll also learn how you can sell your wedding items (or those gifts that weren?t quite what you wanted) after the big day. You?ll even learn how to make selling wedding goods a profitable business venture.


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