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Buying A Horse

RRP $16.99

If one has money enough, there seems no reason why one should not go and buy such a horse as he wants. This is the commonly accepted theory, on which the whole commerce in horses is founded, and on which my friend proceeded.

A Field Guide To Buying Organic

RRP $13.99

The definitive guide to healthful, affordable food shopping in the Organic Age--from a pioneer in the organic movement
What does it really mean when a food is labeled organic? While many of us believe there are good reasons to buy organic, what exactly are they? The authors of this indispensable handbook sift fact from fiction to help you make informed decisions that are right for you. Here is everything you need to know, including when paying more for organic is worth it--and when it's not. "A Field Guide to Buying Organic" provides you with:
-Self-tests to determine your current organic-shopping habits--and the type of organic shopper you want to become
-A primer on organic food standards, labels, and seals
-Health and quality comparisons of organically grown versus conventionally grown produce
-An aisle-by-aisle supermarket guide to information about the most popular organic produce, dairy, meat and poultry, baked goods, nuts, seeds, grains, convenience foods, and drinks
-The truth about pesticides, hormones, genetically modified foods (GMOs), toxins, and bacteria
...Plus illustrations featuring product logos and contact information, and a fascinating overview of the evolution of organics

"From the Trade Paperback edition."

7 Magic Keys To Buying A Home

RRP $18.99

THIS information packed book takes you through all the steps of home buying, with plenty of helpful tips and "what to watch out for" guidelines along the way. Jewel Star was a million dollar producer in the real estate market at a time when the economy was crashing. "Working in the trenches" as her broker called it, was what gave her insight into the need for new buyers to understand the process for successful home buying. Buying real estate is much different than buying a car. It's fraught with difficulties. The more knowledge you have the better your chance of closing the deal. If you have purchased a home before and are looking for a brush up, you are sure to find some tricks and tips you may have not known before. A section has been dedicated to working with a Realtor(r). Just as an accountant or an attorney, a Realtor(r) is a licensed professional. Understanding their roll will be to your advantage. There is nothing more satisfying than owning your own home and this book is the perfect guide for that to happen. COMING SOON is the BUYER'S KEY LIST workbook for using in conjunction with this book. You will be able to purchase it online as well


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